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Statement of Solidarity with KämpaSTHLM in their struggle against fascism

On the 12 of November the Nordic Resistance Movement, racist and antisemitic party, is holding a demonstration in central Stockholm. Our antifascist friends and comrades organised in KämpaSTHLM network are opposing the march and plan to bloc it. We fully sympathize with their efforts to stop the Nazi ideology represented by the Nordic Resistance Movement.

For the last few years, neo-nazi organizations have been spreading throughout Europe. Their language, culture and ideology is getting more and more popular in many countries and in several of them, the fascist parties got their sits in the national parliaments. It represents everything we fight against. Fascists have always cooperated with states and the capital against strikes and other workers’ actions. They spread hatred, promote oppressive state and divide the working class.

On the 11 of November – Polish Independence Day – for several years nationalists have been organizing similar marches in Warsaw. Some of them gathered almost 50 thousands participants. This year, Workers' Initiative is taking part in demonstration against nationalism organized the same day by various antifascist organizations. On that day, as everyday, We oppose, on that day same as everyday, the appropriation of public space by racist, sexist and  xenophobic organizations. 

Workers' Initiative has always stood and will stand against nationalism. We support solidarity among all workers and promote international cooperation of workers’ unions and organizations. We stand up against any ideology, organization or initiative that is racist, chauvinistic, sexist or homophobic. Our enemies are capital and state, not other people.

That is why we strongly oppose the march of the Nordic Resistance Movement and support any action aimed against nationalist ideology. In Poland, Sweden and in any other country.

Our strength drives from internationalism, solidarity and cooperation.

Stay strong! They shall not pass! 

In Solidarity,

Workers’ Initiative Union (Ogólnopolski Związek Zawodowy Inicjatywa Pracownicza)

8 NOV 2016

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